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What is a Soap Shaker?

A Soap Shaker (also known as a soap cage or soap saver) is a handy tool for creating bubbly, soapy water. It features a cage that holds a bar of soap. By placing the Soap Shaker under warm to hot water and giving it a shake, you can produce soapy water for various uses.

The Soap Shaker is highly versatile, accommodating any type of soap. The resulting soapy water can be used for washing dishes, clothes, cars, floors, and dogs, as well as for children’s bubble baths and in felting projects. By using a Soap Shaker, you can significantly reduce household waste by eliminating the need for kitchen detergent in plastic bottles!

A little bit about us

We are two sisters – Vicki (in Victoria) and Robyn (in Queensland), who have taken the plunge to produce, in Australia, a reusable soap shaker. You may know it as a soap cage or soap saver. We were adamant it had to be made in Australia. We were extremely lucky as we had a connection to Garden City Plastics, manufacturers of plastics products, through Vicki’s son who played football for Olinda Ferny Creek Football and Netball Club. Their major sponsor is Garden City Plastics! We made contact with them and the rest is history!

Why choose our soap shaker?

Australian Made

Our Soap Shaker (soap cage, soap saver) is proudly Australian made and owned, designed to hold a bar of soap. It replaces single-use plastic bottles and detergents, offering an eco-friendly alternative for washing dishes, creating bubbles for children’s baths, and doing laundry.

By choosing our Australian-made Soap Shaker, you support local businesses and contribute to the national economy. Shopping locally reduces your carbon footprint, ensures high-quality standards, and fosters community sustainability. Plus, buying Australian-made products means faster delivery times and better customer service. Join us in reducing household waste and promoting sustainability with our versatile Soap Shaker.

Eco Friendly

We have a strong focus on recycling and our soap shaker is made from Polypropylene – pp5, BPA Free, a very durable plastic which can eventually be recycled, our dishcloths and scourers are made from eco-friendly cotton which can be put into the compost. By using our shaker you are reducing the use liquid detergent in plastic bottles.

 Our product range (recycled produce bags, keep cups, beeswax soap bags and Velvet Soap) is designed to help you minimize household waste and embark on a sustainability journey.

Natural ingredients

We recommend using natural soaps, such as Sunlight or Velvet, in our Soap Shaker. These soap bars, which are still available today, can be cut in half to fit perfectly in the shaker. Natural soaps contain far fewer chemicals compared to dishwashing liquids, making them a healthier choice for you and the environment. However, the versatility of our Soap Shaker allows you to use any soap you prefer.

Our dishcloths and scourers are made from eco-friendly cotton, and our soap bags are crafted from beeswax and cotton. All these products are compostable, ensuring zero waste and supporting a sustainable lifestyle.

Our Inspiration

Our inspiration was our mother, Melba May, who used a soap shaker for most of her married life from the 1950’s onwards, and we still have that one! The design of ours was based on Mum’s, with a few alterations. Once we decided that we were going to start our business in 2020, we had to do some research into finding a plastics company to manufacture the shakers.

Our Products

Our core business values are sustainable living, community, integrity, and enjoyment of products.

We are so excited to share our vision with you, and know that you too will enjoy using the Soap Shaker from Soap Shakin’ Sisters together with our associated products.

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