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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Soap Shaker?

Our Soap Shaker is Australian made and owned and formed to hold a bar of soap. You may also know it as a soap cage or soap saver. It replaces single use plastic bottles and detergents. It is the best way for  handwashing dishes, creating bubbles for children's baths, in the laundry, caravan and camping and anything that needs soapy water.

How do you use it?

Your soap shaker comes with a bar of soap and can be used for anything that needa soapy water. Most customers use it for handwashing their dishes. Run hot water over while filling the sink or container for soapy water.  Alternatively, you can fill up the sink with water, soap shaker around until there are suds. After use, hang up to dry or place in your dish rack to dry. Tip: You can also use a soap cage to hang your shampoo soap in the shower. We have videos on our Facebook and Instagram pages showing how it can be used.

Why use a Soap Shaker?

Soap shakers (or soap cage, soap saver) are better on the environment and cut down on bottled detergent use. All our packaging can also be recycled. It is also very economical with the amount of soap used.

What soap bar should I use?

We recommend using Sunlight/Velvet soap, made specifically for the laundry or kitchen. We give you a FREE bar of soap with every shaker you order, but if you want to use your own soap, that’s fine too.

Can I pick up an order?

Yes, from Yarra Junction (Vic) or wherever Robyn maybe in Queensland.

What packaging do you use?

Cellaphane bags and shredded paper, which can go in the compost. Soft plastic satchels which can go in the Redcycle bins at your Coles or Woolworths supermarkets.

Why plastic?

Our plastic shaker can be recycled, but we would prefer that you keep using it. Robyn, still has our Mother’s, which is over 60 years old. The plastic we use is very durable and long lasting, doesn’t scratch your sink, light weight and very cost effective. Plastic is in our world, but it is how you use it. By having a shaker you aren’t buying single use detergent bottles. By having a shaker, you are reducing the use of single use detergent bottles.

Dishcloths - What are they made from?

Our cloths are made from 100% cotton sourced from Bendigo Woollen Mills. They can be placed in the compost when you are finished with it.

Do you clean them?

Yes, we put them in the washing machine. How often is up to you. We do it weekly.

Scourers – What are they made from?

Our cloths are made from 97% cotton and can be placed in your compost.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes we do, email us at

You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram – Soap Shakin Sisters.  If you have suggestions for our FAQ page or any other questions, please contact us at or give us a call on 0493297235 or 0493263642.


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