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Recycled Soap


This Recycled Soap can be used in the Kitchen and the Laundry. Comes in a pack of 3.

At Soap Shakin Sisters, we are passionate about sustainability and reducing household waste. In collaboration with Pental Soaps, we proudly offer recycled soap that aligns with our values. This soap is made from surplus materials that would otherwise go to waste and is repurposed into a product that is safe and effective for washing dishes, clothes, and other cleaning needs. We believe this recycled soap is an ideal complement to our Australian-made, reusable, and recyclable soap shaker.

  • Can be used in the Kitchen,
  • Can be used in the Laundry
  • Works well in our Soap Shaker
  • Will make soapy water
  • Soaking clothes and doing handwashing at home
  • Camping or caravanning
  • It is made in Australia by Pental in Victoria and comes in packs of 3.
  • Will last longer in our Soap Bags.

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Weight .300 kg


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