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Shaker Bundle 7


Australian made, environmentally friendly, cost effective and durable soap shaker and free bar of Australian made soap and a box  (4 bars) of Velvet soap, which is Australian made.


Our Soap Shaker is

  • Australian made
  • reusable
  • cost effective
  • durable
  • all packaging is recyclable
  • BPA Free
  • recyclable - the soap shaker is able to be recycled (coded 5) at the end of its life, through the Garden City Plastics program -
  • the FREE soap, we provide is Sunlight / Velvet soap, made by Pental in Shepparton, Victoria
  • versatile - you can use any soap you like, for any activity where you need soapy water
  • uses - washing dishes, soaking clothes, washing woolens, anything that requires soapy water
  • great for caravanning and camping trips
  • children love them in the bath to make their own bubbles
  • for anything that requires soapy water

An instruction and FAQ sheet is included in every pack.

Velvet Soap is

  • Australian Made
  • cost effective
  • all packaging is recyclable
  • made with natural ingredients
  • vegan
  • gentle on skin
  • suitable for kitchen, laundry and personal use

FREE DELIVERY - when you spend $70 or more.

Review - "I am delighted with my soap shaker, a wonderful piece of simple equipment for the modern kitchen! An excellent idea for reducing plastic waste. Amazing service and delivery!" Kathy

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