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Do You Want to Make a Difference.

Mar 14, 2023 | News

Soap Shakin Sisters are very passionate about Sustainable Living. You can make simple changes, in your home, that will help you start on your journey.

*Liquid detergent comes in plastic bottles, coded 1, PET plastic (There are 7 codes of plastic in Australia). This plastic is restricted in its ability to be recycled and is limited as to what it can be used for.

*Our soap shaker is coded 5 PP5. This plastic can be recycled into a very wide range of products and can be recycled repeatedly. PP5 can be recycled through out Australia as part of a recycling program organised by our manufacturer – Garden City Plastics.

*You can find the locations here –

*Liquid detergent may contain chemicals, such as Triclosan, Phosphates and Chlorine, which can be harmful to marine life and humans . By using soap, such as Velvet/Sunlight or natural home made soap, you will avoid these and other chemicals.

*Our dishcloths and scourers are 100%biodegradable – which means at the end of its life it can go into your compost and break down because they are both made of cotton. So, no more dish cloths and scourers that contain microplastics which end up our in our waterways.

By you swapping to our soap shaker, dishcloths and scourers you will defiantly make a difference. Happy shaking.


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