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Make the Swap

May 30, 2024 | News

Do you get overwhelmed when you start thinking about your household waste and recycling?

Soap Shakin Sisters can help you!

You can make 3 simple swaps.

🟢dishwashing detergent ➡️ a reusable soap shaker.

🟢scourers ➡️ biodegradable scourers.

🟢sponges ➡️ biodegradable dishcloths.

Our soap shaker is reusable, recyclable, money saving and you get a FREE sample of Velvet soap, which is safe to use to wash dishes and clothes and it is Australian made.

Both the dishcloth and scourer are made from cotton and go in your compost at the end of their life and they freshen up by being washed in your washing machine, when needed.

A large number of supermarket dishcloths and scourers have plastic in them, so have to go in landfill and can’t be recycled. Our Soap Shaker can be recycled through the Australian wide recycling program or get it back to us and we will recycle it for you.

No waste to deal with! Head to our – to see all our sustainable products and all our packaging is recyclable or can be put in compost. Win, win.

KEEP SHAKIN! #soapshakinsisters#maketheswap#teduceyourhouseholdwaste#reusablesoapshaker#biodegradablescourer#biodegradabledishcloth


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